Friday, September 18, 2009

Fingerprint Appointment!

Figured I'd start a new post for this one. We received a letter from USCIS(immigration) this week, letting us know that they received our application. They have scheduled our fingerprinting appointment for October 3rd! So once we get that done, we should get our immigration approval within a few weeks. Barring any complications, that is.
So far, our paperwork journey has run very smoothly. I hope that pattern continues....

Liya's Loot:)

Thought I'd put together some of the girly things we've bought for Liya so far. We are hoping to start on her room this weekend. The drywall still needs to be finished, that's how far we have to!
We went to pick up a new(to him) bigger bed for RJ. We found a nice full size captain's bed and matching dresser on craigslist. The couple selling the bed are moving and need to sell most of their furniture. Dolly, the wife (who is a sweetheart!), showed me an antique doll cradle and dolls that she was selling. Well...I just had to have them! There were 2 Madame Alexander dolls made in 1975, a Mattel life-like baby from 1984, and one Berenguer baby. I put 3 of the dolls in storage, to be restored later. Nathan has been having fun playing with the Berenguer doll. He now wants a boy Cabbage Patch doll for himself, lol!
So I snapped the above pic of some of the dolls we've bought in the cradle.
Oh, and the blanket behind the dolls is one we received as part of a blanket swap....thanks again to Theresa and Family:)
As some of you know, we are making a 100 good wishes quilt for Liya. Well, when we were bringing the cradle home, Roger had the great idea to make a matching miniature 100 good wishes quilt that Liya can use for her dolls! Now, why didn't I think of that??


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Care Package On It's Way, And Other Ramblings...

We have ordered a care package through Red Thread China for Liya. This one is nothing fancy: a camera, letter with questions, candy for orphanage and foster family, and 2 toys for Liya. We got her a Minnie Mouse phone, b/c we noticed in her birthday pics that she is playing with either a real cell phone or a toy one. We also got her a panda nesting toy. You know, like the Russian doll toys that fit inside each other? Only it's! I have been lady bug and panda obsessed lately, it seems. I wonder why?!

We are starting a 100 good wishes quilt for Liya. I have joined in my first quilting square swap, and I am excited to give/receive such wonderful keepsakes. I will post the quilt's progress from time to time, so stay tuned.

Also, our I800a made it to it's first destination, a Chicago lock box facility, on September 2nd. We are waiting to hear when our appointments for fingerprints will be.
That's it for now---hurry up and wait seems to be the theme now {sigh}