Monday, February 27, 2012

Pics From Animal Kingdom Lodge

This weekend we were visited by my cousin Mark (who I haven't seen in many years!) and his wife Stephanie. They live in Ohio, and stopped by before going on a cruise to the Bahamas. So we took them sightseeing at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, one of our favorite places to visit. Nathan was MIA- he had spent the night with his cousins. Jake was avoiding the camera like the plague b/c his hair wasn't perfect...pfffft! Teenagers! So I was down to my parents, our guests of honor, Liya and RJ to use as my unwilling muses. Oh, and some flora and fauna, too. Easy to take pics of inanimate objects;)

Mark and Stephanie. Yes, he really IS that tall!

My mom and dad...2 of the most in-love people I know. Married almost 48 years!

Jake's gonna kill me for posting this one. Can't you tell how much he LOVES getting his pic taken??

She was dipping her bangs in the water...thought it was hilarious!

RJ (illegally) scaling some rocks.

Super Girl!

Practicing with MACRO

RJ (illegally) climbed this rock for a pic;)

I don't know why this keeps uploading sideways....oh well!

Feisty girl!

I think this face was directed at Jake...but who knows??

Saturday, February 18, 2012